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In Nuez, it is crucial visit the two most important monuments: the Fuente Grande or Fuente Romana and the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

Other important place is "La Chanera", a recreational area where the river marks the border between Spain and Portugal and where you can enjoy a swim in the summer months.

Another major attraction is the ancient loom with which Maria Vicente weaves the typical aprons and tapes.

Surrounded by lots of places, Nuez becomes ideal for different types of outdoor activities:

  • Hiking trails: 
    • Ruta De Peña Beneita
    • Ruta del Aceite
    • Ruta de los Lobos
  • Bike tours
  • Major and Minor Hunting
  • Mushrooming
  • Visit the Mycological Museum in Rabanales

In addition to the activities in the area, you can also enjoy visits to different cities and places very close to Nuez, such as:

  • The cozy town of Bercianos de Aliste, just 30 kilometers from Nuez, and the Good Friday celebrated its peculiar procession of the Holy Burial.
  • The beautiful Portuguese town of Braganca, just 20 kilometers from Nuez, which highlights its thirteenth century castle and the impressive wall that surrounds it. If you wish, you can hire a guided tour.
  • The spectacular Arribes del Duero, which can be enjoyed aboard a catamaran in the town of Miranda do Douro, 44 kilometers of Walnut.
  • The beautiful and quiet town of Zamora, with the best urban Romanesque, with more than twenty buildings of this type, which is only 77 kilometers from Nuez. If you wish, you can hire a guided tour.
  • The Sierra de la Culebra, covering several Zamora towns. There, you can perform different activities with guides such as hiking or watching the Iberian wolf.